The Darma is a chiseled design that combines modern day design cues that exist in today's modern trucks to optimally enhance while simultaneously retain the overall cohesiveness in design between the vehicle and the wheel. A6061-T6 10,000 ton forged aluminum built to support max loads of 3600lbs which surpass most industry 2200lbs ensures the wheel is amply capable in terms of durability and strength.

Part Number Size Offset PCD Weight Finish MSRP
RGD178505 17x8.5 6 6-139.7 29.48 lb SATIN TITANIUM $650
RGD178506 17x8.5 6 6-135 29.48 lb SATIN TITANIUM $650
RGD189003 18x9 18 6-139.7 31.68 lb SATIN TITANIUM $700
RGD189004 18x9 18 6-135 31.68 lb SATIN TITANIUM $700
RGD209007 20x9 18 6-139.7 38.06 lb SATIN TITANIUM $880
RGD209008 20x9 18 6-135 38.06 lb SATIN TITANIUM $880