The Chopper is a fortified truck wheel that is an enhancement over the factory stock wheels in terms of look and durability. Forged 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum and 10,000 ton forging process with design considerations for max load of 3600lbs for 6 lug applications over industry norm of 2200lbs ensure maximum durability and strength. Thicker rim and knurled barrel sections ensure maximum deformation resistance and minimum tire slippage on the barrel of the wheel.

Part Number Size Offset PCD Weight Finish MSRP
RGC178515 17x8.5 6 6-139.7 30.14 lb SATIN BLACK $650
RGC178516 17x8.5 6 6-135 30.14 lb SATIN BLACK $650
RGC189023 18x9 18 6-139.7 32.34 lb SATIN BLACK $700
RGC189024 18x9 18 6-135 32.34 lb SATIN BLACK $700
RGC209005 20x9 18 6-139.7 38.5 lb SATIN BLACK $880
RGC209006 20x9 18 6-135 38.5 lb SATIN BLACK $880