Throttle by Reign6061 is a 6 thin spoked wheel with fortified barrel and spoke sections that provide the maximum strength afforded by 10,000 ton forging process coupled with aerospace quality aluminum. Load rated at a class leading 3600lb per wheel for 6 lug applications compared to 2200lb standard in the industry, the Throttle's ethos and design criteria was to be tough, strong, and go further beyond what is currently on the market. Featuring knurled barrel for reduced tire slippage and thickened rim sections for added impact resistance, the Throttle fulfills its mission to be an overkill of a wheel for the discerning truck connoisseur.

Part Number Size Offset PCD Weight Finish MSRP
RGT178534 17x8.5 6 6-139.7 29.48 lb satin titanium $650
RGT178535 17x8.5 6 6-135 29.48 lb satin titanium $650
RGT189043 18x9 18 6-139.7 32.78 lb satin titanium $700
RGT189044 18x9 18 6-135 32.78 lb satin titanium $700
RGT209063 20x9 18 6-139.7 42.02 lb satin titanium $880
RGT209064 20x9 18 6-135 42.02 lb satin titanium $880